Gray Haze is my work-in-progress, the first of a planned trilogy surrounding four primary characters: Amora, Malik, Osric, and Nicole. It is a mix of sci-fi, epic fantasy, horror, and romance, and takes place in the year 2041. I plan on publishing it in the spring of 2022 under the pseudonym, Marci Levin. I post updates every other Wednesday on this blog.

Gray Haze will have monsters, demons, magic, and worlds outside of Earth. It will also be written for adults, with mostly adult characters and disturbing content. Each book in the trilogy, Secrets of Volenin, will likely be around 1,000 pages and cover themes such as love and loss, faith and doubt, power and oppression, and, of course, good and evil.


APRIL 2041: CHOOSE YOUR MASTER – Forced to raise her four younger siblings alone after a tragic accident, AMORA, a 21-year-old waitress in a small-town diner, wants to leave Fog Creek and move to a big city, where nobody knows her name…
MALIK, a senior at Fog Creek High School, has all the talent in the world. Despite his agreeable personality, he has racked up many enemies – far more than he realizes.
OSRIC, a gifted cyber security architect, is burdened with the impossible task of fighting a mysterious virus that threatens to infect the world’s power grid, dooming the planet to eternal darkness.
And VALERIE, the only child of the wealthiest man in town, faces a crucial decision that could change her life, and the lives of billions of people, forever. The question is, for the better or worse?
Amora, Malik, and Osric will soon be forced to unite, as Valerie and two rival gangs rise against them to achieve their shared goal: summoning their Master and usurping authority over all living creatures. But their Master isn’t the only powerful player in town. Other Masters are returning after millennia to prepare for the Great War.
Whom will you serve?